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Jackassery and Rummy

Some jackass broke into Than’s car last night. After going through the wreckage of broken glass and paper carnage we realized the only thing that was missing was his old thrift store jacket that I wore all the time. I loved that coat.. it had pockets and pockets and pockets. Fortunately there was nothing in the pockets at the time. I feel horrible because the only reason it was in the car was because I was thinking about wearing it, and then it wasn’t really cold enough to wear so I left it in the car.

It hit me hard, I don’t know why. I wanted to cry, my stomach hurt, I felt like screaming. We went back to his place after, and he was being silly to try and cheer me up and the irony of this struck me. *His* car was broken into and he was trying to make *me* feel better.

I’m so sorry baby.

They hit 2 other cars as well. The worst I think was the guy who lost new DVD’s he had just bought, some work pouches and his registration and insurance card. The other girl had a frying pan stolen.. but they left her fiesta hat? The night sucked for all concerned.

In other news, it turns out that I am a good card player after all. At least I’m good at Rummy. I was kicking some major ass last night before the big car breakins.


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