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The rave in the cave

We have done some neat things over the last 2 weeks, but I was working on getting Than to write it up.. he’s a much better writer than I. He may still do so, as most of his friends don’t read my journal.

To sum up…

We went to a rave in a cave in Illinois, and saw Infected Mushroom live. It was OMFGAWESOME!

Spent time with Noah and Panda (Awesome!) and laughed my ass off.

In the course of events, I got stung by a sweat bee because Than didn’t realize that they are BEES and squished it on my leg. (He was very sorry about that, and it’s funny now, so it’s ok) I got a lovely sunburn, and Than applied aloe copiously, I got jungle boots at the Evansville army surplus, and I heart them, and we played ‘Edit the Panda’ on our Nintendo DS’s, where I would draw cute Pandas in Pictochat, and Noah, Than and David would see how creatively they could edit said Pandas. That was a freakin blast.. oddly enough.

Because we cut short our stay at the Rave in the Cave, we got to attend a nice outside concert and Panda and Noah practiced for a whole half hour and managed to do some impressive covers of some Death in June songs. Panda has a marvelous voice and Noah can play some sweet guitar. I was mightily impressed.

On another note: Cameron.. if that was really you who sent the message to mom, you didn’t include a return email address so I can not respond to it. :( If you want to just send me an email at herself at binarygoddess dot com (turning the at to @ and the dot to . with no spaces) then I will be happy to reply :)

That is all…. FOR NOW! dun dun DUNNNN

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