Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Happy Birthday dear Thannnnnnnnn

Today is Than’s birthday! Wooo! Happy birthday baby :)

I made him a card, and a special V for Vendetta breakfast of Eggy in a Basket, which came out lovely.

I love you!


Today we are going to my Uncle’s house in Dayton for the big family reunion.. and it will be a *real* family reunion, as I will be seeing someone I have not seen in a very long time, and I am very happy about this! (The ‘seeing them’ part, not the ‘not having seen them in a long time’ part) Also, Than will be getting to meet all these crazy peoples..

Seeing Scanner Darkly tomorrow with Bardi, Than and Chance (That’s your hint as to who it is I’m being reunited with :P).. and maybe some other peoples hopefully. (Jess, Em, Sean, and Will maybe)

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