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Happy happenings

Since last I posted there have been many happenings.
I went to my family reunion, and I got to see my oldest son again after far too long. (My younger son couldn’t make it, which I was sad about)

Here is a pic of my Than, myself, my kick ass mom, and my awesome son.


His name is Chance, and he rocks :)

Than’s birthday was also during this time, and I made him brownies and gave him kisses and made him a kitty card. Also I was part of the reason he got a killer angled wooden block for his kitchen knives. (I picked it out)

The next week we had dinner with friends of his family, Joe and Barbara, and they are lovely people who make lovely foods. We had tuna, fresh organic green beans, a fabulous salad with fresh goat cheese, rolls, and for desert yummy angelfood cake, homemade fresh fruit compote and vanilla ice cream. OMG YUM! After dinner, coffee and conversation, stayed way too late, and I got goodbye hugs. Overall a fabulous evening.

And then Than and I had another visitor. This time it was a lovely gal from Loiusville. Aimee and I share a common bond, an ex boyfriend. She had contacted me after the breakup, having figured out who I was talking about from a post on my site/livejournal. She drove out here, we went to the Cinci Museum of Art, which is free and which also rocks.. and we sat in comfy museum chairs and regaled my beloved with tales from the ex boyfriend side. Fortunately he was amused :) Then we had burritos for lunch, cruised around Clifton Comics, were sad because Vintage Vogue (thrift store) was cosed, went home and taught Aimee how to play spades and then rummy, then took her to Highland to test her skills. We also had Ian along for the Highland bit, having spontaneously come from Louisville himself and coincidentally having seen us at Clifton Comics when we were there. We got a few pix before she left, unfortunately none of the ones I got on our cam came out so that everyone was smiling or had their eyes open :P This was the best one.


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