Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

What a weekend!

Took my friend Wendie to the Blink182 concert at the Shoreline. Very last minute.. but they were free tix, VIP, box seats, the whole burrito :) (thanks Jay! :) Saw Greenday as well.. SWEET! The boys are all as cyoot as ever, and they played all my favorite tunes. After, we hopped in my mustang, and put the top down, even tho it was pretty cold, and I put in the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack, and cranked up the volume as Jason Mewes chanted his classic mantra from the movie. (Smoking Weed doing coke drinking beers!) It was a very popular choice :) Had some silly people in a jeep taking pix of us in my lovely car. Then as we finally got out of the parking lot, we switched to NiN’s new live mix, and cruised our way home. It was a total blast, and Im very happy I got to go with her, as she is the biggest Blink fan, and it wouldnt have been any fun without her ;)

Sunday was a bust.. Danny and I were going to attend the last day of FanimeCon 2002, and FORGOT! We totally blew it off, and neither of us remembered at all until it was too late.. DAMMIT! So that was our great loss. Saw some pix from the con and it looks like it was pretty cool. The guy who draws Real Life was there, and it would have been pretty spiffy to have seen him. But oh well.. there you have it. Too late now. Danny and I are looking for the next “Cool Thing” which we have vowed NOT to miss. In the meantime, we were unable to go to LA for the last great sketch party for a very long time, and apparantly there were some artistic celebs there too.. so we just plain missed out on allotta fun this weekend.

Wendie’s sunday was quite a bit nicer I think :) She did an East Indian Dance show.. in front of people! Ive heard it was a raging success, and she looked dead sexy in her spangly authentic East Indian costume, which she made herself! Very talented! Im sorry I missed it.. I spent the day doing laundry and just generally getting some things organised. Not exciting, but my apartment is all clean and nice now. Just need to rent a steamer for the carpet and life will be good :)


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