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He just isn’t into you… er.. me

My mom has this book, I don’t remember the exact title and I can’t be bothered to look it up. Essentially it is all about how to come to the realization that “he” isn’t into “you”. In this case, most of you know who “he” is, and of course “you” is me.

He isn’t into me, and he never was. It’s a tough truth to face. Why is that? If someone consistently treats you like you don’t matter, why is it so hard to accept that they don’t love you? I suppose this is easier for some than others, but I bet anything that there would be more heads nodding in agreement than not. So many people stay in relationships for stupid reasons. In this case, on my part, it was out of a desperate need to believe he really did love me, for him.. I’m guessing I was convenient at the time.

I have to accept that too, in order to move on. Am I a lovely and interesting creature? Sure why not. Was I “all that” in his eyes? Nope. I was as easy to replace in his life as a used pair of socks. This doesn’t reflect on me badly does it? I hope not. (there are other things that do reflect on me badly I’m sure but… um.. we won’t go into those now :P)

The only reason that I don’t just say his name and post links to his website is that it would be petty and mean and I will not stoop that low.

I will say this.

Fuck him. He isn’t into me and I’m not wasting one more tear on his lame ass. Amen sister.


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