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E3 writeup… finally

UPDATE! Danny sent me pics.. see below :)

Ok, so I haven’t been posting again. I know I know.. I suck. I had a really long post almost done last night and ended up losing the whole thing. I was so frustrated I just.. didn’t feel like typing it all up again.

So let’s try this again shall we?

Most of you know, if you know me, that I got to go to E3 this year. The trip was great. E3 itself was great. What was really great was getting to see some old friends again (Jed, Danny and Tiff, and R!) SO good to see you all again! *mass hugs*. I was very sad that I didn’t get to see Wendie or to finally meet little Holly though. I also got to meet a few new people, which is always awesome. I got to meet Joe, the ever smiling.. Kurt, King of the Flashback and last but certainly NOT least was De whose wit was as sharp in person as it is online. Great times :) I wish I could have spent more time with everyone! I think the best part of any trip is the people you get to share it with, especially those certain special people in your life and that would be no exception in this case.

Here’s a great shot of Albert, Kurt and Smilin’ Joe Grand in front of the Atari booth!

Albert, Kurt and Joe

Danny got some pics of a bunch of us, and was kind enough to send them to me so I could put them up here :)

Here we have Albert (Smiling! Holy crap!) Jed, me, Danny, Sue and Rob.

Albert, Jed, Me, Danny, Sue and Rob

And then Danny switched places so Tiffany could get in on the action!
So this one is Albert, Jed, me, Tiff, Sue and Rob.

Albert, Jed, Me, Tiffany, Sue and Rob

Thanks Danny! Congrats again to you and Tiff on the engagement ;)

Now.. I could spend hours talking about all the new systems and all the new games I got to see, but there are plenty of places online you could go to if you want that. I just want to write a bit about some of the things about the show that were highlights for me personally, in no particular order.

First, the Gameboy Micro! Sure they are repackaging the same thing yet again, but it’s so small and cute and you can customize it with cool faceplates and.. and.. and… did I mention how cute it is?! So yeah.. if it doesn’t cost too much I’ll probably get one. Here’s a pic of me playing with it. Notice the cuteness? Do ya?

Me playing with the Gameboy Micro

Next.. I Love Katamari! Yes I do… I love Katamari Damacy, and I also love the sequel :) I got to play the cooperative mode with one of the other attendees and we totally kicked it’s butt! Yeah! One of the most fun things I saw at the convention was the giant Katamari. Albert brought a first run Combat cartridge (for the Atari 2600) and the guy stuck it on for us. It was so awesome! Here’s a pic of the combat cart and one of me stuck to the ball.. heh. I’m gonna be a star! :P

Combat cart stuck on the Katamari

I'm gonna be a star! Yay!

One of the coolest things I saw at the show, and maybe EVER, was the Stargate!. I love Stargate SG1 and it was aweome to get my picture taken standing inside it. I guess they are making an FPS based on the series, but I didn’t play it so I can’t comment on it. It looked good, from what I saw, and I distinctly heard the voices of the actual actors who play the characters so it couldn’t be all bad.. could it? WELL?!? COULD IT?!

Me standing in the Stargate

Me chilling out in front of the Stargate

Sorry.. better now.. heh.

One of the benefits of living with an Atari freak who is pretty significantly involved in the Atari loving community is that you get to chill out back in the Atari V.I.P. area. I should have gotten more pics of this place, it was dead sexy back there. Plus, free drinks and food… so that was neat :) Here’s a pic of me in front of one of the interesting decorative features. A fake fur wall treatment that matched my hair!

My hair matches the fake fur wall treatment.. heheh

A major highlight of the entire trip for me was getting to meet one of my personal heroes, Richard Garriot of Ultima fame. Lord British himself! Lord freakin British y’all! I’ve been playing his games since I started playing PC games way back in the day. The guy lives in a real honest to goodness castle! And he was so nice, he chatted with me for a few minutes while Albert was busy and I was so star struck it wasn’t even funny :) And yes.. Albert was nice enough to take this pic of us so I’d have something to remember the meeting by. *melt*

Me and Lord British

So those were the parts of the show I enjoyed most, and the ones I want to keep in my memory. There are tons more pics soon to be online at AtariAge once I’ve finished sorting through them, mostly of the show itself.. if you’re interested :)

As for the rest of my life.. nothing interesting. At least nothing that isn’t way too personal to post here.

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