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Adventure Time!


There hasn’t really been much to post about the last two weeks. I fully recovered from the flu and except for a bit of a lingering cough I feel much better. Yesterday we went hiking, which was fun. We had to cross some moving water to get to the trailhead and it was interesting because there were lots of fun crevasses and cracks to fall into and where the current wasn’t very strong there was slippery algae and mud on the rocks. Where there was no algae or mud there was nice sharp gravel! On top of that the water was icy cold! Don’t think I’m complaining because I’m not. The trail was lovely and there were some historical ruins along the way. I have lots of pictures, so if you would like to see them let me know :)

We had lunch with a friend at the Macaroni Grill, then came home to do some work. (Well, mostly he was doing work but I was helping dammit!) Then this evening we went to see Robots at the Alamo Drafthouse. I love going there because you can have food and drinks brought to you while you’re watching the film, and if you get in early they always have really weird clips and things playing. They were mostly robot related this time, go figure. :P They played the trailer for the 3rd Star Wars and it looked most excellent! I actually can’t wait to see it. I had fish and chips, and my british friends would have been appalled. French fries and fish would be more appropriate. It was decent enough fish and the french fries were good but really, they should be ashamed of themselves! Fie!

The movie itself was fun, somewhat predictable but definitely fun. The animation was wonderful and some of the gags made the whole audience laugh. Robin Williams was his usual crazy self and stole most of the show.

All in all not a bad weekend! I hope all of you are doing well!

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