Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


It has been a very rough week. I came down with a pretty intense case of flu. At least that’s what I think it was! Fever, weakness, sore throat, cough, and just an overall sense of *kill me now*. I never lost my appetite, though I didn’t eat a whole lot. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the computer, except to answer a few emails here and there and even then I was not comfortable or happy. Even when I used the laptop in bed I was barely communicative. I did have excellent care, he made sure I was as comfy as possible and even cooked for me! He made me sketti :) It was almost enough to make a girl want to stay sick! (Just kidding, I really don’t want to repeat that experience any time soon!) But that was very sweet, so thanks honey :)

So yeah, I’m feeling better and ready to tackle some website issues! Yeah!

(Hmm.. I thought this had gotten synced to my LJ but it didn’t. Let’s try this again shall we?)

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