Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

A real night out! (Finally!)

It was totally last minute, I was invited out last night. Well.. *we* were invited out last night but he didn’t want to go so I went without him. I had a blast! We went to this club I’ve been dying to check out and it was as cool as I’d thought it would be. Today the clothes I wore smell like smoke and I have a bitchin hangover and I don’t regret a bit of it!

The site is coming along. This isn’t the ‘final” look for it but it will do while I integrate everything else into wordpress. I want to find a way to use the wordpress registration for permissions on the gallery, other than that everything should be fairly easy. I got the contact form and the about page finished. I do need to decide if I’m going to bother with a guestbook type thing. I probably will.

Enough for now.. going hiking!!


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