Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

Heh… okay, lets try this

Have I ever mentioned that I am a hopeless technophile?? Oh yes.. I am.

So without further ado..

My NEW new toy!

In the sync cradle… looking sharp!

Anyway, heres the story. I was given the chance to get the first Ipaq at an outstanding price, and I lept at it, thinking I wouldnt be able to afford the one I wanted, but then… I got my bonus! Yay! So, my boyfriend is test-driving the other one, and if he doesnt use it Ill pop it onto Ebay, where Ill more than likely get everything I paid for it back! Rah!

So here it is.. this is the 3835, it has a better battery, an SD ram slot, 65,000 colour screen, and looks wayyyy spiffier than the 3765. It also comes with a couple really splinky apps that the 3765 didnt have, like the IBM ViaVoice software, that lets me access most of the built in apps with voice commands. Ive already got it trained to recognise “Wendie Adams” Do I need any more? :P ..


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