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New Toy!!

Thats right, I gots me an I-Paq, and Im dead pleased with it so far. Sure its Wind0ze, but I sold my soul a long time ago, and the freakin thing is just so damnably useful. I got an awesome deal on it too! This is the 3765 model. Specs below.


206 MHz Intel√ج�Ω Strong ARM 32-bit RISC Processor


32 MB Flash ROM


Color reflective TFT liquid crystal display for indoor and outdoor viewing (4,096 colors)
Touch Screen: Yes
Resolution: 240 x 320
Pixel Pitch: 0.24 mm
Viewable Image: 2.26″wide x 3.02″ tall
Light: 5 settings include automatic, low, medium, high and super brightness


Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery (950 mAh)

In other news, I did update my sketchbook, and if youd care to check it out, Ive made a website for my boyfriends daughter, Izzy. well, its not for her per se, but more for her family to keep up with whats going on with her. Its located at and there are lots and lots of piccies on the site, and a neet-O guestbook for you to sign ;-)

Back to work!

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