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Spammers Suck

My blogging software is effectively shut down due to the number of comment spammers I’ve had to deal with.

The old posts will stay up in the meantime while I research a new solution to this old and quite annoying problem. Unfortunately this does mean that commenting is completely broken, and my guestbook as well is non-functioning. Feel free to send me an email through my contact form though, that still works just fine :)

Just so you know, I had a wonderful birthday on the 22nd. I got dinner and a movie, saw Series of Unfortunate Events and thought it was adorable. Christmas was wonderful as I was lavished with gifts, and I’m still alive and kicking and doing very well.

I miss all of my friends and hope you all had fabulous holidays and great New Years Eves! I should be getting a phone soon, so if I know you then expect emails with my new contact information soonish :)

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