Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

One for my peeps!

Let’s see… what has been going on… hrmmm

Well, he bought me GTA San Andreas, and it rocks! I love all the new details. The pimp missions, the bmx bikes, the replacement of the secret packages with places to spray paint your gang logo.. all good things!

Everything here is still awesome, he’s still awesome. I’ve met a couple of his friends and they too are awesome :) ‘Specially Carolyn and her scooter!

We haven’t gone hiking in the last month.. too much busy we are. Busy with what.. I hope to be able to post here soon. Of course, again, if I know you then you already know with what. We just need to at least get to the point where I can post general facts about my location etc. without getting into the personal details that I can understand someone not wanting me to post about them. I think we’ll get there. :)

Anyway.. just wanted ya’ll to know that I have not forgotten you!



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