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Trip to LA is a Good Thing(tm)

OK, so Danny pointed out that my news page is still whining about my Very Very Bad Day, and since I had a Very Very Kickass Weekend, it might give people the impression that life sucks.. and well, of course, it does, but ALOT less than usual :P We drove down LA way for a sketch party with some of his friends, which was awesome :) There were two girls there who do animation for Futurama, and they were fantastic artists. In fact, there was so much talent in that house that it was difficult not to feel completely outclassed. I just feel priveledged to have gotten to spend some time with them :) The host and hostess do marvelous paintings, and manage to eek out their existance doing murals. I got to meet the fabulous Sue and Rob, of Sue’s Rock fame, and they even let me draw on the humongous collage of Misfit Monsters. We have pix, I hope they turn out! There were so many amazing people there, the place practically crackled with creative energy, and they were all so incredibly nice.

The next morning was fantastic as well. Danny and I drove out to Santa Monica (Ive been saying Monterey all day, but Im a ditz :) and he showed me the promenade. He used to work there, so it was a real trip for him to be back there. The weather was beyond perfect, and Ive never been so glad to have a convertible in my life. We stopped into a really great art supply store, and I picked up a new bag and some graphite pencils, and a couple nice pens. The exposure to all those artists the night before really has me determined to rekindle the old artistic flame I used to have. I know Ill never be “an artist” in the professional sense, but it was never about that before, it was always just what made me happy and then for some reason I let it go.

But I digress… we wandered down to the Pier, where Danny was sucked into the Dance Dance Revolution machine.. oy. The boy is an ADDICT I tells ya! My feet were hurting pretty badly by that time so I didnt partake. Finally we meandered our way back to the car and found our way back to San Hoser. Yay. Very nice to sleep in my warm bad with my warm boyfriend again ;-)

Back to work today.. but hey.. I gotta tell you, it really did take the edge off the stress.

See you Space Cowboys!

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