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I have just this last month had the chance to watch every single episode of Babylon 5 in sequence. I was amazed to find that there were more than a few episodes that I had missed. Imagine my shock :) I just finished the last one. I am crying my eyes out this very second over it. I’m not crying like I did for Firefly where I cried because the show had been canceled prematurely. Babylon 5 was done, they took 5 long leisurely years to develop characters and story lines. I’m crying because that last episode was absolutely heart wrenching. Especially after the amount of time spent investing in the characters and places portrayed in the series. They had the best good guys and the greatest bad guys. (especially Bester!)

I remember my first exposure to the show was back when it first hit the airwaves, only I wasn’t watching it. A friend of mine who did watch it would give me the latest whenever we spoke. I was interested in the show but never could make myself remember when a television show was going to be on so I never watched it myself. After my divorce I moved in with this guy who watched it all the time and it took no time at all for me to get hooked. After our relationship ended I ended up with some roommates who were even bigger fans and had most of the first three seasons taped. We had a 4 day marathon increasing my admiration for it tenfold. Since then I’ve caught it whenever possible. When I saw this opportunity to watch every single episode I jumped on it fast.

This show is not something you can appreciate if you have only seen a few episodes. This is a 5 year epic series that was written almost completely before they even began airing it. The characters and stories are so rich and wonderful that there would be no way to cram it all into one episode. If you don’t have some time to invest you may as well give it a pass. Personally this was what made the show so special. Not being just another sci-fi series. Not being just another one shot wonder. A story so large that it took 79 hours to tell. In my opinion you just gotta respect that kind of detail and dedication. I certainly do.

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