Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

I am having A Very Very Bad Day.

Which is making my very very bad year, feel so very much worse.

I overslept this morning, bigtime. I woke up and looked at the clock, and it was 12:30. This is not the best time in my career to be doing stupid shit like that. Another email, another marker in the paper trail. Then, while rushing about the apartment, trying to get my things together, I slammed my left pinky toe into a very heavy chair. HARD. It still hurts. THEN, to compound matters, I get in to work, and find that Ive left my wallet AND my key card at home. Im not going into too much detail, but lets just say, Im not happy with life atm. Im worried about everything, and everything is giving me a great reason to worry.

Jed was a great help this morning, hes a good friend :) I should be happier.. to have friends like him. We arent always so lucky.

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