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Adventure Time!


I am here today to talk about a grave injustice which has been delivered upon one of the finest television shows to have ever graced the glowing screen. Yes people, I am talking here about Firefly. I had seen a few episodes of Firefly back in the day, even set my Tivo to pick them up but I hadn’t seen but three of them when *poof*, this worthy show had dissapeared from the airwaves. What kind of universe is this when shows like Joe Schmo capture and hold the ADD riddled society, and a full blown awesome show with an excellent plot and characters that could make me laugh and then cry and then laugh again all in one episode is treated like ‘Tzao gao’, and flushed without prejudice. (I love the way they use chinese intermittantly to allow them to say all kinds of curse phrases)

Anyway, I just got done watching the last episode and I urge everyone who reads this to go out and purchase that DVD set immediately! I will be doing so as soon as is financially possible.

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