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My new camera has been delievered, and it’s a beauty. Nikon Coolpix 3700 to be exact. If you’re lookin for a cam right now, I’d recommend this one. Especially since there is a $100 manufacturers rebate on it until end of october.

Here’s what it looks like.


It’s a fun cam, not quite as nice as the Canon A70 that I no longer have but definitely fun. The Canon has alot of manual controls that this one doesn’t. Instead the 3700 has a bunch of presets they call ‘scenes’. For example, there is a fireworks scene, a portrait scene, a macro scene, a night portrait scene, a museum scene.. etc.. etc. Each one is meant to be used in different environments. It also has the standard ‘auto’ setting that is pretty ok if you’re shooting outside but is kinda crap for shots of your cat or your mom or whatever. Put it on portrait mode and you get very spiffy shots. The macro mode is awesome too, crisp and clear closeups. You can still manually control the exposure, and you can change the point of fucus, but there is no manual control for aperture size or for the focus itself.

It’s much smaller than the Canon, which is actually pretty nice. The screen has a matte finish that doesn’t reflect and distract like the Canon’s. Unlike some people, I like the fact that it has a rechargeable battery. The Canon used four AA batteries which made it very heavy. I had bought rechargeable batteries and a charger, but it was bulky carrying around an extra set of batteries. For the 3700 I will eventually buy an extra battery and keep it charged, but the thing is much lighter and more compact. Instead of carrying around 4 extra AA’s I’ll just have one small lightweight battery to tuck away in the case. Nice.

So here’s your first sample.


Yes, the shirt I am wearing is pink. Shut up.

Thank you again to my good friends, Jason and *name withheld by request* for helping a gal in need. There are a lot of things I can live without, but a cam isn’t one of them.

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