Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!


I know, late posting. I try, I really really do.

Yeah, been a bit depressed. Things never happen as fast as you want them to, but I’m hanging in.

Went to my little brother’s housewarming party last sunday. That was very nice :) They did awesome things with the house. It would have been better if I hadn’t walked into their house to get out of the heat, only to find my loving father telling my brother’s neighbor all kinds of bad things about me. Yeah, that pretty much made my freakin day.

Had an old friend come visit, name withheld by request. Some people don’t like to be talked about on the internet. Had a boyfriend once who got pissed cuz I put up one single pic of him on the ‘net. Anyway, the visit was nice but somehow my camera ended up non-functioning. No more pics for a while. I have great friends though, rallying round me to help me replace it. Thanks friends. *hugs*

Job apps in, more on the way… crappy job here I come!!!

Enough for now.. go do something productive with your day! Shoo!

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