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Has it been a week?

well it has been a pretty bad, and strange one. I set my journal to only show the last weeks worth of entiries in an attempt to prompt myself to update more often and so I saw my news page was blank and thus I think I need to post something.

I hate to strenthen the old PMS stereotype that some people still hold, but this last week it really has hit home. I sufferred all the fun of being a woman, including cramps and mood swings. Mostly the swings were of the downwards type.

My email has been down. If you sent me mail in the last week I’ve just gotten it and fully intend to answer, so don’t think I’m ignoring you!

An upsetting incident with the photographer has caused my career as a photo editor to basically end before it started. I’m not going into details here, suffice it to say that it sucks pretty badly.

My ex-husband came into town this weekend and spent two days with me. Again I must refrain from filling in details here because there is always a very faint chance that my kids will read this one day and there are some things that really are better left unsaid. If you want to know the full story feel free to call or message or email me and I’ll be glad to enlighten you :) (If you are already a friend of mine that is)

I’m still very run down and tired, and my tummy feels very grumbly. I’m going to go back and finish watching a movie and hopefully will be in a much more up mood next time I post.. which will of course be at least within 8 days from now so as to keep my news page filled with fascinating information. :P


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