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July 4th pix

For the 4th Mom, Dad and I went up to my brothers house and did the barbecue thing, here are a few of the pix. The rest can be found here.

Here you have me and my awesome brudder Scott. I’m bummed that it came out so blurry.

Karen Scott CROPPED.jpg

Me and Matt’s wife Kim.

Karen Kim CROPPED.jpg

My mom holding Matt and Kim’s new baby, Haley. Isn’t she a cyoot little jelly bean?

gma Haley CROPPED.jpg

Unfortunately we didn’t get any pix of Thomy’s girl Christina, but we love her, we really do! We have lots of pix of her from past events so I’ll dig one up later.

So much more to post! Auuugh! I have to get cracking, I have someplace to be in three hours and so much to do before then. More later!

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