Binary Goddess

Adventure Time!

still making progress!

First off I want to give a shout out to my favourite brother Scott, who reads my journal and who sent me the nicest email giving me his support and love during this difficult time. Love ya brudder!

I’m doing a lot of soul searching, there will be posts later concerning that, but today I took another pic of myself and compared to the old pic of me from last april and the difference is so outstanding that I had to post something to commemorate the moment :)

So here it is, the old and the new!


Is this not cool? Well, I think it is, and things like this really help me along on my road to self-discovery and improvement. It’s nice to have visual proof that I’m getting closer to obtaining my ultimate goals.

Here are a couple more shots from today.



I like the look, though I could do without the Mary Tyler Moore flip that my hair seems to like to do when I don’t spend two hours bending it to my will.

So more later!


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