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What is it with cops??

What is it with cops and my car? Ive gotten two speeding tickets this year, and the year has barely started. A couple days ago I was going a whopping 75 mph, and a saw a cop car so I slowed down as discretely as possible, and the cop, who was going about 80 at the time, slows down and moves in behind me.. stays there for a minute, then gets bored and passes me again. This morning something similar happenned. Im tooling along at the breakneck speed of 70 mph, and I see a motorcycle cop coming up in the left lane at a pretty good clip, and before he passes me, he slows down, moves in behind me, and then moves out again and dissapears.

I love my Mustang Convertible, but it does seem to be a cop magnet! Sheesh!

Posted by BinaryGoddess at 11:48 AM
February 20, 2002

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