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Adventure Time!


It’s happening again. It’s The Matrix Revolutions all over again. I post that I liked Van Helsing and I’m attacked from all sides.

Jeez, I’m sorry you people didn’t get what I got from the film. I’m sorry that I have the nerve to enjoy something that the general populace found repellent. I am so freakin sorry that I have the bald faced audacity to have a mind of my own.

No, scratch that. I’m not the least bit sorry. I have always made up my own mind about things and I will not be bullied and intimidated into changing that.

I’ve deleted the offending comment from this journal, and will delete any further unwarranted comments that may appear. It is one thing to blast me on a public forum, that’s my own fault for thinking that my opinion would be respected. To do so on my own website is the epitome of tackiness. Feel free to disagree, but try to manage it with some modicum of respect.

I try not to use this space to vent. I hardly ever post negative things here. This is my window back into my past and I would like to be able to see only the good things that have happened. I want to be reminded that no matter how bad my life got, there were good things. I made an exception today because I want this feeling known to the offenders. You will know who you are.

In conclusion. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

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