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Yesterday I went Horseback Riding! Outside! During the DAY! The yellow face managed to burn my forehead despite the best efforts of my sunscreen. My arms were one millisecond away from burning but somehow managed to avoid it.

My friend Drake took me out to meet his friends Michelle and Norm at their farm. Norm had to go to work but we spent alot of time with Michelle. She is a real gem, pretty and super friendly. Her two horses are awesome. She has a huge dark brown Percheron named Abe and an Apaloosa named Chip. Chip looks tiny compared to Abe, but is actually quite a large horse in his own right. Michelle and I rode Chip and Abe around the property. She rode bareback on Abe (I couldnt even imagine trying to stay on that huge animal without a saddle!) and I rode chip with a saddle. It was a pretty long ride, I was worried that Drake was bored while we went off by ourselves, but when we got back I realised that he had climbed on top of the grain silo and was happily snapping photos of us pretty much the whole time. (Drake is the photog who took my Goth Photos earilier in the month) so it was all good. After the ride the three of us took off, her on her gorgeous custom harley with sweet orange and orange-yellow hot rod flames, us in Drakes car, and went to a fish-fry that the AmVet’s were putting on. Decent fish sandwich and great conversation. There was live entertainment, which was pretty bad due to 1. It was one guy with a guitar singing country music and 2. the sound equipment was horrible. People were pretty much ignoring the poor guy until the three of us started deliberately clapping loud after each song.

It was around 8:30 when we all decided it was time to put an end to our day, almost 9:30 when Drake finally dropped me off. It was a good day for me, albeit a bit unusual, and I’m sincerely hoping we can do it again sometime soon!

I’m not going to put pics up today. I did snap a few shots myself but I had forgotten to clean off my CF Card so I had only taken a few when I realised I had no more room, so Drake offloaded them onto the laptop he brought with him. He has promised to make me a cd with those shots and with some he took himself, so when I get that I’ll throw up a few photos for your enjoyment.

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