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Adventure Time!

Graphics Artist for hire… hired!

The guy who runs the studio where my goth photos were shot has given me some part-time, per-project type work doing photo editing! It won’t be alot by any means, nor will it get me out of this pit, but it will make living here a bit more tolerable. Hopefully I will at least garner some cash for some of the simpler things in life that I enjoy, and be able to sock a bit away here and there for my retirement from the bottomless black pit of crap that I currently call “home” (Can you tell that I don’t like this state?)

We also have a new web design client, further details pending. That should help as well. I need to get things done and hopefully either get back to the point where I can live in an area where I feel comfortable and happy, or where I can be comfortable enough to have the ability to fly around the country (and outside it) occasionally to visit my wonderful friends on a regular basis. Fingers crossed!

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