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Archives for: June 2006

Stuff… things

Crazy crazy times.. Insanely busy these days, getting things done, shuffling things about. This last Saturday was Goth Prom, with Voltaire.. had to see that. He was fabulous, I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Best part was when he caught a guy on his cel phone during the show and took the call.  Seriously.. […]

Jackassery and Rummy

Some jackass broke into Than’s car last night. After going through the wreckage of broken glass and paper carnage we realized the only thing that was missing was his old thrift store jacket that I wore all the time. I loved that coat.. it had pockets and pockets and pockets. Fortunately there was nothing in […]

Cat got your tongue?

Than and I went to a shindig last night. There was much laughter and throwing of dismembered body parts down cleavage. I stole all the tongues. After we went to highland with Bardi, had coffee and played Rummy. Than wins at cards a lot. We didn’t play for points this time, so I don’t really […]


So yesterday was just a crappy day. I don’t like my job and it gets progressively worse. My feelings yesterday were petty and uncalled for, and Than handled it like a prince. After he picked me up I was snarky and uncool, and he gave me a hug and told me he understands what I’m […]


Is it totally and utterly unreasonable that I am burning up with jealousy that this is the second day in a row that my boyfriend gets to go hang out and have fun and drink with friends and I am stuck here at work? I really hate it.