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Yay pics!

bardiphouka borrowed jrhoffa‘s cam for the week and got a couple nice shots of the two of us together. I am absolutely thrilled with them at Highland.. Smoke break at Marcon Nice to have someone around who likes having his picture taken with me!


I am still happy, but today I have my very own migraine. Sitting here at work with a napkin soaked in cold water from the fountain, and I think people are looking at me like someone had beaten on me or something. HAHAHA As if. Anyway.. it’s an update. Of sorts. I don’t feel like […]

Go figure

Ok.. so I feel better now He got back, as promised.. was waiting for me outside the big revolving doors and I felt instantly better. Hung out at highland for a bit, took him home and.. um.. went to bed, yes That is accurate. It’s been a very good week so far, despite me still […]


So.. Than is out of town, just for one night. Again there is a reason this bothers me more than it normally would. So I was going to have coffee with a “friend” who has now lost that status. It was going to be good, a ride home, good coffee and conversation to keep my […]

A helluva party

Colin and Taylor are gone.. I am sad Their going-away party on Saturday was quite possibley the most awesome party I have ever been to. Bardiphouka, Sean, Mikey and.. someone who’s name I don’t remember were in the garage jamming with guitars and Sean’s sax, and kicking much ass. Than gave it the ol’ grad […]

A very nice “weekend” indeed

My days off are wednesday and thursday, which sucks. But this “weekend” has been a good one. Over the course of the weekend we went to Highland and I played spades and we chatted and had coffee and made people ill making eyes at each other, we did karaoke which was so much fun, and […]

Oh… my… GOD

OK, I want it on the record, I have the best boyfriend EVAR! I was miserable this weekend and wishing it would be today because I wasn’t supposed to see him until tonight. That sneaky .. grr! (that is not an angry grr btw ) So I was expecting to have bardiphouka¬† pick me up […]