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Than is out of town for 3 days, effectively. He will actually be back sunday night but I won’t see him until monday night. He went to Indiana to hang out with some friends and see a play. I’m pretty much wide open for after work this weekend, not sure what I’m going to do […]

Even smiling makes my face ache…

It’s true! I’ve been so happy over the last few weeks that my face hurts from all the smiling. It’s been too long since I’ve smiled like this. People at work keep asking what I’ve done with Karen, (ha ha) and last night at the coffee shop, several people commented on how nice I looked, […]

So… yeah… mmmyep…

My post of the day. I talked to Albert a little this afternoon before work. It was ok. I left some papers in a drawer in his kitchen, Neo’s vet records are in there and I want to take him in for a checkup. I want to make sure they don’t give him shots he […]


Than and I went to see Drugstore Valentine play at Top Cats last night. I’m glad finally got to see them, been promising Oz forever that I would but I kept missing them. He’s quite the showman, very hot on the stage, but Than saved me from chasing after him with his manly possesiveness.. so […]

Rules of attraction

So I’m posting something because g0jir0 told me to. Damn you g0jir0! I was talking to a few people about this, bardiphouka and Than mostly. It’s just interesting, I think. I’ve had people tell me I’m attractive, or cute. Occasionally I get drop dead gorgeous. I appreciate those compliments but no matter who they are, […]