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It has been a very rough week. I came down with a pretty intense case of flu. At least that’s what I think it was! Fever, weakness, sore throat, cough, and just an overall sense of *kill me now*. I never lost my appetite, though I didn’t eat a whole lot. I didn’t spend a […]

Major Pain

We went hiking through the wildlife preserve right behind our apartment complex. There’s a path that goes way up the hill to this huge water tower. It was a very sunny 80 degrees here in Austin and a good deal of this trail is up up uphill, most of the rest is a pretty steep […]

New blogging software

I’m giving wordpress a new go, and so far it’s very nice. I obviously need to update the theme. *grumble* You do have to register and be logged in to comment now, as that will finally solve the comment spammer problem! Hallelujah and amen baby! Feel free to register if you like And here’s the […]