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New Caricature!

Edit: Now that I can sync my website posts to my livejournal, I think this one belongs over there too! Thanks and *HUGEhugs* to Aaron of Joe Average and Sex and Violence for making me this fantastic caricature of me in his own unique webcomic style. I *LOVE* it! It’s been added to my Caricature […]

Purity Test

He asked me what my purity test score was, so I was curious to see what it would be since it’s been so long since I took one Your Ultimate Purity Score Is… Category Your Score Average Self-Lovin’ 43.3%When I think about you – or anyone – I touch myself 65.1% Shamelessness 57.1%It takes a […]

What Could Have Been

This evening I talked with someone from my past who still makes my heart beat harder and faster and makes me lightheaded and raises my body temperature several degrees. Just chatting again brought back so many old feelings and memories. There are very few people who have ever done this to me. So many regrets. […]

Babylon 5

I have just this last month had the chance to watch every single episode of Babylon 5 in sequence. I was amazed to find that there were more than a few episodes that I had missed. Imagine my shock I just finished the last one. I am crying my eyes out this very second over […]

Smug Goddess

Mom took this pic while we were at my brother’s place, sitting on his back deck in the shade. It was very warm outside and my ‘do’ was starting to wilt The summer cold that I was starting to get over is mysteriously back, mysteriously. *sniffle*