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I am here today to talk about a grave injustice which has been delivered upon one of the finest television shows to have ever graced the glowing screen. Yes people, I am talking here about Firefly. I had seen a few episodes of Firefly back in the day, even set my Tivo to pick them […]

New cam

My new camera has been delievered, and it’s a beauty. Nikon Coolpix 3700 to be exact. If you’re lookin for a cam right now, I’d recommend this one. Especially since there is a $100 manufacturers rebate on it until end of october. Here’s what it looks like. It’s a fun cam, not quite as nice […]


I know, late posting. I try, I really really do. Yeah, been a bit depressed. Things never happen as fast as you want them to, but I’m hanging in. Went to my little brother’s housewarming party last sunday. That was very nice They did awesome things with the house. It would have been better if […]