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Vin Diesel has accelerated to the top of my list of favorite actors. This quote from a recent article really did it for me. They thought I still played D&D back in the ’70s when it’s just the basic D&D set. They thought I continued to play D&D when it became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. […]

Riddick and Dodgeball

Last weekend Caroline and I went to the drive-in again. Going to the drive-in is cool btw, you can bring your own snack, it’s 7 bux a carload, always a double feature, and the seats are far more comfy than most theaters. Fortunately her car has decent speakers so the sound ain’t too shabby either. […]

A good friend day

I swear, I have the best friends in the entire known universe. Today has been a day meant to remind me of that. First, I broke my glasses. (That’s not the good part! Wait for it…) A very good friend who must remain nameless at this time just ordered a 30 day supply of disposable […]

..and the lightning strikes!

My friend Drake, the storm chasing uber-photographer, saw my storm post, and sent me some lightning photos that he took from the very storm I was referring to! He thought I might like to share photographic proof of how intense that storm was, and I think that it’s an excellent idea, so here they are. […]

And the thunder rolls..

It’s storm season here in Ohio, and what a season it is! Last week there was such a storm as to rock the very foundations of the heavens. There was a lightning strike very near us. The power went out that night for almost two hours. What struck me the most, aside from the incredible […]


It’s happening again. It’s The Matrix Revolutions all over again. I post that I liked Van Helsing and I’m attacked from all sides. Jeez, I’m sorry you people didn’t get what I got from the film. I’m sorry that I have the nerve to enjoy something that the general populace found repellent. I am so […]

Van Helsing

Saw this with my friend Carolyn at the drive in last saturday. *Gorgeous* visuals in almost every shot. Very dark, lots of streaming light and fog and cool cgi for the monsters. The movie doesnt take itself seriously at all, so the plot is kinda schlocky, and it isnt the least bit scary. Hugh Jackman […]