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Archives for: May 2004

This kind nepenthe..

I really need to start recording my thoughts when I have them. I had a very strange train of thought going yesterday and I thought at the time “wow, I should put this in my journal”. However, I decided not to do it right at that time, and now I’ve totally forgotten it.

Photos as promised

I got the disk from Drake and uploaded a few photos for ya. Proof positive that I will not shrivel up and die if the sun touches my skin. Who woulda thunk it? I did not post photos of either Michelle or Drake, at their request. If I can get them to change their minds […]

Ride ‘em Cowgirl!

Yesterday I went Horseback Riding! Outside! During the DAY! The yellow face managed to burn my forehead despite the best efforts of my sunscreen. My arms were one millisecond away from burning but somehow managed to avoid it. My friend Drake took me out to meet his friends Michelle and Norm at their farm. Norm […]

Graphics Artist for hire… hired!

The guy who runs the studio where my goth photos were shot has given me some part-time, per-project type work doing photo editing! It won’t be alot by any means, nor will it get me out of this pit, but it will make living here a bit more tolerable. Hopefully I will at least garner […]

Goth pix update

Added a few more edits to the goth gallery. And a reminder, if you leave comments in the gallery please do not use your email address. It will be displayed openly on the site if you do, and nobody wants that! (PS: Thanks for the comments!!) Sleep now.

Mugu hunters

This is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time! 419 Eaters These guys take letters from the notorious Nigerian 419 advance fee scammers and they play with them, trying to see how far they can get them to go to get their cash. Using fake emails, photos and photoshopped documents, […]

I love Links!

My links page is up and running, yay! Now I’m working on a link management system. I can’t find a script out there that I actually like, so I’ll just have to do it on my own. Yeah. Got a new “pure flat” screen monitor It’s an off brand but it’s 19 inches and clear […]

The Redesign Continues

I have all the links working, at least pointing to something. I set up my contact form, and my comments log I still need to do my links pages and my about page Tested the site in mozilla, firefox, opera and IE. So far so good. If anyone notices any display problems please let me […]