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Adams family reunion!

Last Sunday I flew to W. Hollywood to hang out with my very VERY good friends Jed and Wendie Adams. While not “technically” family, they might as well be! I feel as close to them (in some cases ALOT closer) as I do any member of my own family, and we do share a last […]

Happy Mothers Day!

To the absolute greatest mom in the entire universe! Actually it was Sunday, as most of you with moms know, but I wanted to post this, with the picture of my lovely mother wearing her Mother’s Day gift from me. I made it with my own two hands

New toy!

I got a new camera! Its a Canon A70, and it was a gift from a very cool person! With said cam, I have taken the following picture of myself in full goth regalia for your enjoyment. Im wearing the shiny red shirt that Ive just finished. There will be full length pictures of this […]