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Archives for: March 2003

Happy me!

I just had a nice long chat with a friend Id lost touch with, so Im seriously cheered up To celebrate, I will post this picture that my mom took of me while we were visiting my brothers a week or so ago! Its not much, but its all I have right now. I promise, […]

A girls best friend..

This is my fish! His name is Fluffy. Isnt he purty? He was my brothers fish, but my brother didnt want him anymore. Fortunately he didnt have the heart to flush him either. He gave me the fish, the tank, and all the paraphenalia that came with it. Poor fish didnt even have a name, […]

So tired…

It was a bad night.. worse than most. It was so hot I couldnt sleep. I tried everything. I turned off the tv and the lights, and all I could do was lie there and think about things, and sweat. I tried reading myself to sleep but it didnt work. Still up at 6 am […]