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Archives for: October 2002

OO! Big party down the street!

Late breaking news! 5 houses down, some kids decided that they were going to throw thier friend a party. They had two live bands. Korn wannabes, but they were totally blasting so loud that you could hear it for miles. Of course I wandered over to check it out. A girl there, (gothy, purple hair, […]

Fireworks on the beach!

It was such a nice day! I discovered a couple bucks I had left in a pocket, so Jay and I had a couple 99 cent Jumbo Jacks from Jack in the Box. Cheap food! MMM! Went on a nice ride.. found that there was a very small fair going on by the beach. It […]

Beach Cruisin’

So let me tell you about my new bike. Shes a beauty! Deep red with black fenders, big cushy seat, shiny black basket on the front. I’m not describing a mountain bike am I? Nope! Shes a shiny new Sun Custom Cruiser, a beach cruiser. VERY popular around these parts. Its not something I would […]

Thanks MMY!

My Mom forwarded me a letter that Id received from my old insurance company that said I was due $9.97, because they apparantly lost some lawsuit saying they were *gasp* LYING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!! Can you believe it?? Heh! Also, the early birthday/christmas present was much appreciated Having my own bike again rox! I’ll take […]

To post, or not to post?

Actually I meant to post yesterday, but I forgot :-/ So here I am now at least The weekend was pretty nice. Went to a home and garden show with Jay and Tom. Saw some very interesting things. Bought a glass cutting tool there that scores the glass and then flips over to break the […]