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Archives for: September 2002

Gallery fixed :)

Finally got the gallery fixed and my pix of Pacific Beach uploaded!! Hoorah! Go me! Click here to see them, or click on images—>places–>pacific beach.. yadda yadda.. I have to post this one here though, saw this skirt in a shop downtown and thought of Wendie, so I HAD to snag a pic of it […]


Ive been trying to upload some new pictures to my image gallery, and Im getting all kinds of errors. I can only assume that my web hosts little server move trick has done even more damage to my site than I had originally thought. I cant say Im really happy right now! Im really tired, […]

Email Assasination!

If you have been trying to send me mail over the past few weeks, Ive just discovered that Spam Assassin has been a bit overzealous in filtering my mail, and several people have reported their email as having bounced. I disabled it, and it seems to be working again, so try again ok??

How cool is this??

I’m sitting outside Starbucks, here in Pacific Beach (San Diego) typing my post for the day!! I am SUCH a geek Trying to get used to the keyboard I bought for my Ipaq way back when. This is the first time Ive actually used the thing, and Ive had it for months. Heheh!! I’ve been […]

In San Diego at last!

All moved in… well.. as far as getting boxes moved into the house. Still needs work. Reorganising, plumbing etc. Getting DSL tomorrow, but Im using a borrowed dial-up account to log in and check messages. Noticed that the website wasnt working so well and found that my lovely web-hosting provider moved my sites to a […]

On the road again…

First off.. I know that *some* of you out there are worried about me, due to the incredibly difficult time Ive had over the last week or so. Trouble getting unemployment checks, trouble renting a truck (without said checks) and trouble just generally getting moved out of here and into the new place in San […]