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Archives for: August 2002

New Server.. same old shit :P

Everything on is moved over to the new server. I’m using Always Web Hosting now. Skoog recommended it, and so far its pretty cool. No shell access, but I’m finding the ways around that. I spent all day fixing all the little things that broke when I moved the site over. The guestbook and […]


Lots of changes.. First off.. I’m moving to San Diego. As a result of this move, my web server will be down, so I have obtained an outside hosting account. I am moving files over as we speak, but the DNS changes won’t propogate for a couple days. When it does happen, my website WILL […]

Cryptonomicon.. and on.. and on…

I just finished reading Neal Stephensens Cryptonomicon. Wow. Thats a freakin lotta words. How bout that 5 page dissertation on the ins and outs of Cap’n Crunch? (If you are a NEal S. fan, you KNOW what Im talking about) Thats more info on eating cereal than I ever needed to know, thankyouverymuch. Then.. at […]

I’ve been conned

Here I am.. back in my computer chair again.. at last! Actually, thats how I felt last Sunday, when we actually got home from the Con. It was a blast, I tell you! A major blast.. fun all around I only got to go for one day, so I picked Friday. I got to meet […]