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Archives for: June 2002

Busy weekend?

I went skating in SF this weekend, and managed to fall down go boom. Ive got a lovely bruise on my right knee to show for it. No GBA mod yet, I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning. Oh how I did clean! The place is almost presentable now I just need to get […]


There was a fire today in the field right next to my apartment complex! My building is the closest to that field, and there was a great view from my balcony. I was at work at the time, but Jay just happened to be visiting from San Diego to pick up some of his stuff, […]

So its been a while…

yeah.. I havent modded my GBA yet, I’ve been too busy cleaning. Don’t worry, it will be done soon, with pics, as promised! Went to see Scooby Doo last night with some of my cool friends, Jed, Wendie, Brian, and Danny. Let me just tell you.. it kicked ass. If youve heard bad reviews, forget […]

Afterburner Engaged!

I just got my Afterburner in the mail! I need to go to Frys and buy a tool to remove bits of plastic from my GameBoy Advance.. and then I will be attempting the delicate operation of installing this beyatch. Its going to be fun.. I hear that most people who have tried this so […]