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Missed it by *THAT MUCH*

From: Red Hat Certification Central Sent: Monday, May 28, 2002 9:00 AM To: The Binary Goddess Subject: RHCE Certification Lab Exam results Dear Binary Goddess: The results of your RHCE Certification Lab Exam are reported below (an average of 80.00% with no single score below 50% is required for a PASS): I. Debug Lab Exam: […]

Send in the clones…

Yes.. Ive done it. Ive seen Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Some co-workers decided to see it, and I figured I would tag along. I still havent seen all of Episode I. When every person Ive talked to gives a movie a thumbs down, and I see die hard fans crying […]

Website Changed AGAIN :)

So here we have a new design! Inspired in part by the ultra-cool logo that Jed had done for me, and in part by just being in the mood to do something different. I also worked in a new weblog manager, and have gotten away from Blogger. I did like Blogger but I didnt like […]

Post RHCE stress syndrome.

OK.. its the next day. After the test I needed to do something to de-stress so I went to a movie. Anyway.. the test went well! Much better than Id worried. I passed the first part, and the second, the multiple choice, I passed with an 84. The third part has yet to be graded, […]

Guess where I am?

Im sitting here in an RHCE testing facility, between test sections. We just did the first section and guess what??? I PASSED! I am so freaking happy I could cry. 3 out of 4 baby, Im still in the game!!! Next is the multiple choice.. shouldnt be too bad. More updates as they happen WOO!!!!!