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Archives for: April 2002

Just a quick update.

I know I dont update enough Ive got tons of things in the works for the site, but nothing is ready to be put in yet, so be patient! NOW! Hehehe My mom’s little friend, Tiny, has passed away. *HUGZ* Mom.. I sorry Here is the last pic they have of her

What a weekend!

Took my friend Wendie to the Blink182 concert at the Shoreline. Very last minute.. but they were free tix, VIP, box seats, the whole burrito (thanks Jay! Saw Greenday as well.. SWEET! The boys are all as cyoot as ever, and they played all my favorite tunes. After, we hopped in my mustang, and put […]

Latest new toy.

and the last for a very long time. This is a Rio Volt 250 MP3/CD Player. I had broken my last portable CD player, and decided that this time I wanted one that played MP3’s on CD. This one stood out for me, and Im glad I got it. It has fantastic battery life, as […]