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Archives for: March 2002

Heres a couple for ya..

First, I finally.. FINALLY got a cel phone. A real one, not a pre-pay piece o shit. Ahhhh! If you want my number.. ask me for it Heres a pic, its uber-spiff! I also got myself a new pair of glasses.. my old ones were about 2 years old and in serious need of replacing. […]

Heh… okay, lets try this

Have I ever mentioned that I am a hopeless technophile?? Oh yes.. I am. So without further ado.. My NEW new toy! In the sync cradle… looking sharp! Anyway, heres the story. I was given the chance to get the first Ipaq at an outstanding price, and I lept at it, thinking I wouldnt be […]

New Toy!!

Thats right, I gots me an I-Paq, and Im dead pleased with it so far. Sure its Wind0ze, but I sold my soul a long time ago, and the freakin thing is just so damnably useful. I got an awesome deal on it too! This is the 3765 model. Specs below. Processor 206 MHz Intel√ج�Ω […]

Trip to LA is a Good Thing(tm)

OK, so Danny pointed out that my news page is still whining about my Very Very Bad Day, and since I had a Very Very Kickass Weekend, it might give people the impression that life sucks.. and well, of course, it does, but ALOT less than usual We drove down LA way for a sketch […]