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Check out the latest..

Check out the latest addition to my toy collection! I had ordered this model from Ebay a while ago, and recieved it in pieces. Unfortunately some of the pieces were also in pieces. The guy I got it from was in Korea or Taiwan or some shit, and I pretty much just wrote it off, […]

What is it with cops??

What is it with cops and my car? Ive gotten two speeding tickets this year, and the year has barely started. A couple days ago I was going a whopping 75 mph, and a saw a cop car so I slowed down as discretely as possible, and the cop, who was going about 80 at […]


Yes, I said it! BBnow SUCKS! You probably wont be reading this right away. My ISP decided to change my “static” IP on me again. I have the most dynamic static IP on the planet!! But on a good note, I added some more pix to the gallery, and I added a nifty blinky LED […]