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There hasn’t really been much to post about the last two weeks. I fully recovered from the flu and except for a bit of a lingering cough I feel much better. Yesterday we went hiking, which was fun. We had to cross some moving water to get to the trailhead and it was interesting because […]

Riddick and Dodgeball

Last weekend Caroline and I went to the drive-in again. Going to the drive-in is cool btw, you can bring your own snack, it’s 7 bux a carload, always a double feature, and the seats are far more comfy than most theaters. Fortunately her car has decent speakers so the sound ain’t too shabby either. […]

Van Helsing

Saw this with my friend Carolyn at the drive in last saturday. *Gorgeous* visuals in almost every shot. Very dark, lots of streaming light and fog and cool cgi for the monsters. The movie doesnt take itself seriously at all, so the plot is kinda schlocky, and it isnt the least bit scary. Hugh Jackman […]

Let’s all go to the movies!

If there is one thing I love in life, it’s going to the movies, films, flicks, pictures, talkies. I love sci-fi/fantasy, romance, comedy, comic book, Gothic, horror, pretty much whatever. (with the major exception of any and all “teen genre” flicks out there.) Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Secret Window and more recently […]

LotR and other things

Wow.. it *has* been a long time. Thanks to a nudge from Kerry of Insanity Labs I’m feeling inspired to at least throw something up here and let the world know that I’m all right. First, I did get to see Return of the King that night, and I did meet some very nice people. […]

The Matrix Reviled

I have never been so bewildered in my life as I am at the way that people are tearing apart the Matrix sequels. Seeing so much raw malice directed at a movie is pretty much freaking me out. What’s worse is the animosity that I have personally received over the fact that I really loved […]

I’ve been conned

Here I am.. back in my computer chair again.. at last! Actually, thats how I felt last Sunday, when we actually got home from the Con. It was a blast, I tell you! A major blast.. fun all around I only got to go for one day, so I picked Friday. I got to meet […]

Off to Comic-Con I go!

Yes, thats right.. Im off to San Diego for Comic Con. And why not? Its not like I have anything else to do right? Ill have marginal access to email, and my cel phone with me, and if there is some fantastic job oppurtunity that comes up, Ill be glad to skip merrily back home […]

Send in the clones…

Yes.. Ive done it. Ive seen Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Some co-workers decided to see it, and I figured I would tag along. I still havent seen all of Episode I. When every person Ive talked to gives a movie a thumbs down, and I see die hard fans crying […]