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The good, the bad and the ugly

This weekend was so packed full of things that I’m going to have to blog about it, because I don’t want to retype all the details over and over, and it’s too much for twitter. Saturday started out so great. First we went with Lindz to the big plant sale at the Civic Center, where […]


You ever have those times when you remember some fun time you had way back when and you really miss a particular friendship you had back then but you are pretty sure you will never truly have it back and you kinda know why it fell apart but really you don’t know why for sure […]


Today Than built me a light box. (I helped!) Specifically one of these. I had one before that we had made from foam core board and tissue paper, and it worked like a charm for taking photos of jewelry and other small things. Of course that flimsy thing did not survive the move from Clifton […]


I had so much fun with the first photo I figured I’d go ahead and put up a second, so for my ASAD for the 25th I have this somewhat more stylized setting. Same photo shoot obviously. One click is all it takes…

ASAD 24 (Take 2)

Well, in messing about with my websites I managed to accidentally delete that last post, so let us try this again shall we? I feel bad because there were some very nice comments on there, and they were really appreciated! Blarg. For my ASAD the 24th I submit for your approval this photograph taken by […]

Long time no post

In my typical manner, I’ve not posted in far too long. Highlights include: We’ve moved! (mostly) and the place is pretty damn spiffy.. if still a bit cluttered and unfinished. We celebrated our 1st anniversary in Evansville, Indiana in which we saw Keryn and Morgan, had sushi with them and also birthday girl Glenda and […]